We have a wealth of potential licensing opportunities to offer partners.
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The licence model is ideal for companies who have the capability to market the brand effectively and distribute product directly or through a well developed network of channel partners. In this licence relationship we agree with you the brands you may use, the way they are manifested, packaged and the product range they can be applied too. We offer graphic and design support as well as access to possibly the largest collection of historic Shell brand images and marketing material.

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Heritage Fuels & Lubricants offers the Shell Heritage brand licence for use on Individual or networks of service stations. Heritage branding solutions are available from the “golden age of motoring”, 50’s classic, swinging 60’s or pre-modern 70’s!

The fuels licence offers a bespoke solution for specially located locations that are seeking  to recreate in detail a period in time – with careful attention to period brand and architectural correctness we can create with the licencee a true sense of the past and drive interest and traffic to the site.

The fuels licence also offers a solution using the same heritage brands to independent companies looking for a branding solution to part or all of their network. Focussing on markets where the Shell brand is currently not present in fuels retailing these solutions offer a potential licencee access to one of the iconic brands of Motoring. Using brand recognition and long held brand values to drive significant incremental business.

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Heritage Fuels & Lubricants offer the opportunity to licence the Shell X-100 brand on a range of oils and related products (i.e. Antifreeze, coolant, gear oil etc.). The range of products will need to be appropriate to the market you are located in and there is flexibility on the branding and packaging options available.  HFL will stay loyal to the heritage brands but at the same time try to be flexible to meet different market conditions.  


Heritage Fuels & Lubricants produce with our manufacturing partner in the UK a range of Shell “Classic” X-100 oils. These can be distributed to companies who do not have the manufacturing capability but wish to be Distributors for the product and offer it for sale through their own channels.  In many countries we actively seeking “Macro-Distributors” to act as the principal conduit for supply and end distribution of the Shell X-100 family of products.