Top Trumps

Aquire, retain and
monetize your audience.

The Brand


Top Trumps is the classic card game parents used to play 30 years ago and their children do now, so it has a unique ‘cool’ appear that spans generations.


Top Trumps
packs sold in
the last decade

Top Trumps has a well established track record of delivering highly effective promotions with custom content for large brands.

Top Trumps work with hundred’s of premium brand partners providing content for everything from major movie titles to creepy crawlies.

The Technology


Our unique Top Trumps Digital model utilises responsive HTML5, and is fully customisable to adapt to your technical framework.

Engage your audience with premium quality, branded game content that works across all devices.

3 in 1

Top Trumps Mode
Bank or Bust Mode
Quiz Mode

In addition to our standard game modes we offer a range of bespoke features and gameplay options to suit your brand.

The Benefits


Sponsors can connect with an online audience. They can capture user data through an effective competition gameplay mechanic.

Our games offer full integration with social media applications, encouraging spread through competitive drive and reward.

Exclusive digital and physical pack combination options can enhance promotions and brand awareness.

Acquire, retain and monetize your audience with Top Trumps.

The Game


Our games allow players to compete in hi-score competitions, unlock rewards and level up through social sharing and active involvement.

Elaborate lifelines and badges can he used and earned to boost gameplay ‘stickyness’

Capture user data through an effective competition mechanic

We now work with many leading rights holders and sponsors around the world on multi-year content deals, delivering strong commercial results.

“We are digital experts.
We help our clients sell,
grow and change using
the internet. So if you
want to sell your products,
grow your business or
change your approach then
we should probably talk.”

James Rankin

Our commercial model is well established within the marketing community and is very straight forward.

We have a license fee for using Top Trumps that is based on the size, scale and nature of the promotion, at very competitive prices.

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